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Modernising the Timeless for a Fine Jewelry Brand

Client: Varsha Gems
Sector: Gems and Jewelry
Services: Marketing Studio, Experience Studio
Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Naming, Packaging, Retail Space Experience

Complementing International Ambitions

Varsha Gems was a family-owned jewelry business, with an office and shop set up. creating exclusive pieces for high end jewelry brands and a niche dedicated clientele. Its goal was to widen its customer base and make the brand attractive to a wider audience in India and abroad and launch it with a flagship store in Mumbai.It wanted to shift from being perceived as traditional to being modern and in vogue.

It’s all in the Name

The Elite Clientele of fine jewelry had started shifting from brands that were perceived to be traditional brands to those seen as fashionable and in style. To convey the transformation and create the perception of an avant-garde brand, Varsha Gems was renamed and launched as ‘Zema’. Along with a new identity that reflected its international aspirations and positioned it as a contemporary luxury brand, its flagship store was launched in Mumbai where the brands new avatar could be experienced physically.

Designing Snob Value

In keeping with its ambitions, the identity and brand experience focused on reflecting its exclusivity and panache in its packaging, visual merchandising, and the retail space.