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Generating Awareness with Empathy and Numbers

Client: Samta Foundation
Sector: Non-profit-Social Welfare Entity
Services: Marketing Studio, Experience Studio
Deliverables: Brand Identity, Content Strategy, Website Design & Development, Multimedia, Brochures, Leaflets, Publication, Social Media

Reaching out the mission

Samta Foundation has over a decade of invaluable, hands-on experience working at the grassroots to serve rural, tribal, and vulnerable communities providing welfare in areas such as healthcare, education, sanitation, and more. The Foundation is looking for a way to reach more people with their message of equality and balance and help spread information about its initiatives.

Creating Empathy

Majority of the urban and semi urban audiences are unaware of how starkly different and wanting the situation at the grassroots is. Sharing and picturing human stories of beneficiaries and authentic data not just creates awareness but also empathy which is a crucial stepping stone towards changing perceptions.

Combining Storytelling and Number Crunching

The communication strategy approach is two-pronged- On one hand, it releases numbers to showcase the Foundation’s impact. On the other, it narrates through visuals, images, and moving images ‘Stories of Real Change’ – first-hand accounts of how the lives of beneficiaries have changed through its initiatives. This is implemented through multiple channels like its website, brochures, social media, and more.