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Increasing Value by Building an Authentic Brand

Client: IDfy
Sector: IT Services & Consulting
Services: Marketing Studio
Deliverables: Brand Positioning, Brand Expression, Website Experience Design & Development

Will the Real Leader Please Stand Up

IDfy is amongst Asia’s top 5 regulatory technology companies that helps leading organizations across sectors like Fintech, Cryptocurrencies, Insurance, Telecom, E-commerce, Taxi aggregation, and P2P exchanges combat fraud by providing services such as identity and background verification. It was time to claim its leadership position and build value through it.

From Service Provider to Opportunity Enabler

IDfy communicated its credentials by talking about  its product features and business achievements that had helped 200+ companies keep their customers safe. The big insight was to shift its identity from being a ‘Fraud Preventer’ to a role of an ‘Enabler’. The narrative was consciously changed from the ‘how’ of preventing fraud to talking about the ‘why’ – the value that was being unlocked by businesses after using IDfy’s services.

Building the ‘Real’ through Storytelling

The new Brand Expression ‘Unlock the Real’ was rolled out with a bold and trendsetting Brand Identity. It was launched with a website-first approach and was eventually carried into assets like the Investor Deck and Sales Communications.